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Security for Small and Medium Businesses » The TEC Blog
advertising e-mails pertaining to medications, sex, and the like). Another common type of virus is oriented toward gaining confidential data. Legal Responsibilities Virus protection is a legal responsibility. A business that allows viruses to emanate from its site or from the laptops supplied to its employees may be sued for consequential damage. Insurance companies offer some protection to an organization that implements a full security program. What To Do Install the appropriate antivirus software. The

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Electronic Medical Records: An Introduction
Electronic medical records (EMR) serves a niche market. This software caters specifically to health care professionals working in clinics, private practices, and hospitals. EMR software came about to increase overall patient care and communication between health care staff and departments.

MEDICALBILLING: history, and list of medications and allergies in one easily accessible, centralized location. The information is then submitted to a workstation, laptop computer, tablet personal computer (PC), personal digital assistant (PDA), or voice recognition system for health care staff to retrieve and process. This system provides doctors with real-time, patient-centric information to aid in decision-making directly at the point of health care delivery. Regardless of where and when the patient has previously

Is There a Panacea for Enterprise Software Pricing Yet?
While enterprise applications are becoming a commodity, their pricing schemes have yet to follow suit. Users are put in a costly position where the

MEDICALBILLING: exorbitant prices of critical medications for consumers by professing the need to reinvest part of their hefty profits for future developments, but even in this case, customers know what they have to pay when they are at the counter. Maybe if enterprise software development could come up with a cure for cancer, AIDS, or Alzheimer s, or implement some other supreme benefit to humanity, then software users would also put up with the recurring service and maintenance costs.   comments powered by Disqus

Sizing the Enterprise Incentive Management Opportunity—And the Challenges Ahead
Pure-play enterprise incentive management (EIM) vendors who have focused on providing the capability to manage highly complex compensation systems will be well positioned to take advantage of the major growth projected in the EIM market.

MEDICALBILLING: models for categories of medications and groupings of physicians. Often, as many as seven different sales representatives from one company call on the same doctor, which makes managing territorial splits and account reassignments crucial. Another business challenge stems from the need to maintain an auditable record of drug sales to comply with government regulations. With detailed visibility into business activities and sales performance, an EIM package should allow life sciences companies to create and

The Executive Guide to Contract and Chargeback Management
Discover how life sciences companies smartly automate to strengthen profitability. Read the executive guide to contract and chargeback management. Life sciences companies are struggling to manage large group purchase organization (GPO) contracts, process chargeback submissions, and ensure that pricing policies comply with regulatory requirements. Costs and risks are escalating as these demands outstrip the capabilities of existing systems. Learn how contract and chargeback management solutions can help you maximize growth while limiting regulatory risk.

MEDICALBILLING: to expire on brand-name medications with more than $60 billion in combined annual sales, according to the New York Times. That will open the door to copycats that may be 30 percent to 80 percent cheaper. The average cost to develop a new prescription drug is now $897 million and the average cost of a biotech product is $1.2 billion, according to reports by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) . Given the enormous costs associated with getting a drug to market in the first place,
5/11/2010 11:44:00 AM

RFID in Healthcare--A Whole Industry of Value
This article talks about recent and expected FDA regulations and how RFID can help meet those requirements while improving supply chain performance.

MEDICALBILLING: annually. Cost of diverted medications: $1 billion annually. Number of on-line pharmacies registered and verified by the National Board of Pharmacy s VIPPS program: 1.3 percent. The rapid adoption of RFID technology in the healthcare market is a major strategic initiative for HDMA and its members , said Lisa Clowers, Vice President of Supply Chain Processes and Technology at the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA). FIGURE 2-HEALTHCARE VALUE CHAIN Think about it. The government

How Can Business Intelligence Benefit Small to Medium Businesses?
Research shows that the number one software solution that small to medium businesses plan to purchase in the coming year is business intelligence (BI). Download TEC’s latest podcast to find out why BI is so hot right now.

MEDICALBILLING: the patient s conditions, previous medications, [and] reactions to [them]. One of the things that they said is that now that they have armed the physician with all the informational ammunition, they re now able to not only provide greater quality of patient care, but what they ve said is [that] business intelligence literally helps save the lives of patients. Now the question is, how do you measure the type of [ return on investment ] ROI of saving more patients lives? But that s a real-world example of

The Advanced Sourcing and Negotiation Benchmark Report
The Advanced Sourcing & Negotiation Benchmark Report. Download Technology Research Reports about The Advanced Sourcing & Negotiation Benchmark. The wave of e-sourcing that began a decade ago resembled a “crash diet:” it had an immediate and noticeable effect on enterprises. Today’s challenge is to develop new programs that can sustain the benefits of e-sourcing and “keep the weight off.” Find out how employing advanced sourcing strategies can help you positively impact product development cycles, build stronger supplier relationships, and make better decisions.

MEDICALBILLING: safe delivery of I.V. medications. Results: The clinical stakeholders stayed engaged throughout the entire sourcing process and were able to evaluate the bids as a team across all of the defined attributes. At the end of the process, they implemented a new contract for I.V. pumps that saved 13%. The results achieved from the team scoring and e-sourcing success allowed Broadlane to ensure that national pricing for their constituency would remain on par with the 7-yr old negotiated price and added an
1/19/2009 11:35:00 AM

An Interview with Shoshana Zuboff and James Maxmin
Many corporations have failed the customer; they focus on transactions, rather than customers. Ann Grackin recently talked to Shoshana Zuboff and James Maxmin, co-authors of The Support Economy, Why Corporations are Failing Individuals and The Next Episode of Capitalism, who have inspiring and radical ideas, as well as a proposal for the new corporation.

MEDICALBILLING: them to take their medications, or sensing systems that make sure that they are still OK. Other models include banking and financial services. The point is to begin to think about these ideas. And we are working with some pioneering leaders who will pilot these ideas to create new business concepts. There are no ten step programs—no contracts. It is up to firms to align their efforts to serve the customer and know that the value is with the individual. Ann: Now that s subversive! [3 ] In the Age of the

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