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Managing the Aches and Pains of Long Cycle Times: Automating Controls for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
One of the biggest challenges (or business pain points) for pharmaceutical manufacturers (or life sciences companies) is the long cycles that are required for

lost drugs  diminishing profits due to lost market share and a shortened product life cycle. A delayed or lengthened cycle time can seriously affect the return on investment (ROI) for a given new drug or product. What can help? A software solution that implements automated controls that address compliance issues, including 21 CFR Part 11. How does 21 CFR Part 11 relate to product R&D and approvals? For all of the processes involved in getting a drug to market, strict policies must be established and followed by a Read More
Learning Management Suite (LMS)
These are tools for managing, creating, scheduling training or learning in your organization. The terminology varies from vendor to vendor. Learning management systems (LMS) typically help to ma...
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Documents related to » lost drugs

The Executive Guide to Contract and Chargeback Management
Life sciences companies are struggling to manage large group purchase organization (GPO) contracts, process chargeback submissions, and ensure that pricing

lost drugs  run the risk of lost market share and massive revenue leakage. According to IDC Research, manufacturers lose 4-5% of revenue annually due to inefficiencies in the reconciliation process. And, as regulatory requirements become increasingly burdensome, they are vulnerable to compliance risks including multi-million dollar fines and litigation. The mounting number of costly lawsuits in recent years underscores this problem. At present, many life sciences companies rely on manual systems - such as Excel and Read More
New Chapters in the Evolutionary Journal
Recognizing that change is a constant is the first step to survival in this new economy. Identifying the changing nature of business partners—customers

lost drugs  and lands won and lost, creating the polarization of East and West, each convinced that they were the chosen, with a superior culture. Walls were erected to keep these cultures apart—both physical and cultural, lines drawn on maps identifying the boundaries created by man. We are all aware of the first voyages of discovery by Western adventurers, crossing these boundaries and redrawing the maps in search of new lands and the extension of trade across regions. The wealth of these nations, in turn, Read More
Business-to-business Price Segmentation-Outlined and Explained
The central premise of price segmentation, especially in business-to-business environments, is that pricing should be consistent for similar deals. The process

lost drugs  unnecessary concessions and recapture lost profits without adversely affecting win rates. Through the combined use of quantitative benchmarks and end-to-end automation, data-driven price execution should help sales teams and pricing analysts make more informed pricing decisions, ensure consistent and accurate quoting, and enforce key pricing policies company-wide. After prices and discount policies are set, companies need to execute and enforce them by implementing a systematic approach that is embedded Read More
Supply Chain Collaboration: The Key to Success in a Global Economy
Outsourcing and global competition are forcing companies to transform their supply chains from linear processes into adaptive networks. Communities of customer

lost drugs  increased sales and fewer lost sales from stock-outs. Other forms of customer collaboration functionalities include more traditional vendor-managed inventory (VMI) functionalities, including replenishment logic based on minimum and maximum stock balance limits. By using your customer's consumption data, running a forecast, and conducting replenishment order planning, you can fully manage the inventories at the customer's site. Forecast collaboration ' also known as collaborative planning, forecasting, Read More
Top 5 Security Tips for 2009
In the white paper top 5 security tips for 2009, discover what smaller companies like yours can do to protect themselves from security threats that...

lost drugs  financial loss, lowered productivity, lost sales opportunities, and stolen company data. Don't wait until trouble strikes. Download your copy of Top 5 Security Tips for 2009 today, and learn how to make your IT environment a safer one.   For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: 514-954-3665, ext. 367. Special Offer Files 2009 Read More
Acronyms Can Simplify Your Life, or Drive You Insane
Acronyms seem really convenient, at first.It’s great using ERP instead of enterprise resource planning, for example.You save precious time (not typing

lost drugs  want your readers getting lost and confusing the two BPMs. So, you are forced to spell them out over and over and over again to avoid any misunderstandings no matter how cumbersome that may sound. So why do we use acronyms anyway? Well, they certainly can be tidy especially when it’s clear what you mean. But they can also be redundantly repetitive as well. For example, what about ISM Information Systems Management Corp. or SHL Systemhouse, Ltd.? It does seem a bit much! And then there’s RAM memory. Read More
We Are All IT Users Now: Managed Service Providers, Software as a Service, and the Management of Remote Devices
The network of devices used for information, security, and daily transactions is now ubiquitous, and everyone now relies on it even if they don’t acknowledge it

lost drugs  customers, unproductive employees, and lost business. Ensuring network availability, security, and efficiency is a job for experts who need powerful tools to carry out these tasks. Learn more. Read More
How to Comply with Data Security Regulations
A remote data backup solution can be compliant with almost any international, federal, or state data protection regulation@and can be compliant with the common

lost drugs  , Secure Data , Lost Data , Restoring Data , Online Data , Comply Data , Computer Data , System Data , Management Data , Business Data , Access Data , Ensure Data , Database Backups , Database Protection , Database Encryption , Database Centers , Database Offsite , Database Policy , Database Issues , Database Compliance , Database Solutions , Database Privacy , Database Technology , Database File , Database Protection , Database Company , Database Service , Database Experts , Database Articles , Database Read More
Cost and Pricing Models in Food and Beverage Processing: Seeing the Forest through the Trees
Lost sight of your bottom line? Product pricing not in step with your actual costs? So busy trying to stay on top of cost behavior that you can’t keep your

lost drugs  Forest through the Trees Lost sight of your bottom line? Product pricing not in step with your actual costs? So busy trying to stay on top of cost behavior that you can’t keep your costs under control? Cost and pricing models, as part of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, can help you better understand your costs. Put corrective measures into motion before problems occur—and save your food and beverage enterprise time and money. Read More
Optimizing Gross Margin over Continously Cleansed Data
Imperfect product data can erode your gross margin, frustrate both your customers and your employees, and slow new sales opportunities. The proven safeguards

lost drugs  are delayed and production lost because new systems require more complete and consistent product data. More than 80% of support calls for supply chain planning can be traced to master data problems. Procurement of common materials can’t be managed globally because of data inconsistencies. Customer service suffers due to a fragmented view across channels and geographies. Partnerships and partner strategies suffer because companies can’t total how much they buy from or sell to partners. Synergies from Read More
Want to Know How to Survive in a Down Economy? Then Look in Your Warehouse!
When I speak with distribution executives nowadays, they all say the same thing: “We are struggling to keep our heads above water because of the economy

lost drugs  for every $100 of lost inventory, your hard-working sales staff must generate $2,500 in new sales to make up for the $100 of inventory your warehouse lost. If your warehouse was to lose $100 a week (equating to $5,200 a year), your sales staff would have to generate $130,000 to make up for the $5,200 of inventory the warehouse lost. I guarantee your warehouse loses more than $5,200 of inventory a year—which means a good portion of your sales staff’s effort goes straight to purchasing to make up for Read More
12 Pitfalls of IT Systems Management
The high availability and performance of mission-critical applications is no longer a luxury for companies; it’s a matter of business survival. If applications

lost drugs  levels—revenues and customers are lost. Learn about the benefits of adopting both server monitoring and capacity planning solutions that can quickly be deployed, automate processes, and adapt to change—without breaking IT budgets. Read More
Publishing Company Improves Team Efficiency, Recovers Lost Revenue, and Builds Clients’ Market Share
Founded in 1989 in Richmond Hill, Ontario (Canada), Kenilworth Publishing is a full-service media company that publishes consumer and business-to-business print

lost drugs  Improves Team Efficiency, Recovers Lost Revenue, and Builds Clients’ Market Share Founded in 1989 in Richmond Hill, Ontario (Canada), Kenilworth Publishing is a full-service media company that publishes consumer and business-to-business print magazines in diverse sectors. In 1993, Kenilworth executives decided that to continue to strengthen clients’ profiles within their respective industries, they needed to implement one of the two customer relationship management (CRM) solutions on their shortlist. Read More

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