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HCIMS: Balm or Bomb for What Ails the US Health Care System?

filling prescription  clinic, time isn’t wasted filling out another form or providing info to a new health care provider, as that provider can access the info in the electronic record; but per security restrictions, data cannot be changed except by authorized users) Functionality 3 : Enables longitudinal record of patient history at all health facilities, with ability to track immunizations, prescriptions, and diagnoses Benefit : Provides health care provider with clearer, more holistic picture of patient’s health and how Read More

Customer Care and Billing (CC&B)
Customer care and billing (CC&B) solutions typically support providers of utilities, telephony, cable, or other services providing companies. CC&B software includes functionality for mediat...
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Medical Device Manufacturers Can Leverage ERP/CRM Software to Facilitate FDA Compliance
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires pharmaceuticals and medical device companies to comply with numerous standards. Medical device manufacturers

filling prescription  molding, automated soldering, automated filling lines, automated testing, etc., which may show test failures of the last test article. Business Analytics Medical Device Manufacturers must be able to quickly and easily access the information they need to make decisions that impact quality and security. While many organizations have deployed enterprise applications to improve operational processes, these same organizations fail to provide employees with the insight needed to make quality related business Read More
Meet the New (Revolutionized) Progress Software
According to TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic, some solid, growing, and profitable software companies never get the respect they deserve. Progress

filling prescription  the New (Revolutionized) Progress Software In my nearly decade and a half as an enterprise software industry analyst, I’ve seen and written about a number of universally admired star software providers. But every now and then I get to know solid, growing, and profitable software companies that, for whatever reason, are underappreciated and underreported on. Three-decade-old Bedford, Massachusetts–based Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS) with about 1,600 employees is one such Rodney Read More
Evaluating Enterprise Software-Business Process or Feature/Function-Based Approach? All the above, Perhaps? Part Three: Knowledge Bases and User Recommendations
RFPs and selection tools typically focus on features and functions. The business process protagonists consider this focus old fashioned. However, users want and

filling prescription  and VARs' effort in filling the new RFIs should only be limited to filling that delta document. Why haven't these been captured beforehand? For two main reasons: The expertise across over twenty industries is not likely to be found at any selection service provider, despite extensive horizontal knowledge (with a deeper knowledge of a couple of particular industries) of their analysts. The fact that every vendor that is serious about its vertical focus has separate dedicated industry product leaders, Read More
RFID - Myth versus Reality
The hype around the adoption of RFID as the 'hot new technology' continues. The reality is that RFID, despite the fact that this is a relatively mature

filling prescription  - Myth versus Reality Introduction The hype around the adoption of RFID as the hot new technology' continues—this is evidenced by the proliferation of trade shows, media events, and other magnets for those in the know and those looking to learn more. One of the recent events—RFID Live, hosted by the RFID Business Journal in Chicago in April—was reminiscent of the techno buzz and media fest' of the late 1990s—the days of the e-bubble! Walking through the exhibit area, it was apparent that the Read More
A Look at the Buzz in HR Surrounding Today’s “Big” Data Buzzword
Recently, the HR enterprise software community seems to have become interested in big data, evidenced by the fact that big HR vendors like Workday and SumTotal

filling prescription  Help us out by filling out  our short survey  on your company's big data initiatives. Read More
You Still Need ERP, Even If Naysayers Say You Don’t
After coming across the Forbes article The End Of ERP and quite a few spin-off articles about the imminent death of ERP, I became somewhat concerned about how

filling prescription  (e.g., import/export compliance, customs filling, letters of credit) through global trade management functionality.  Even manufacturing, the birth vertical of ERP, has pushed its boundaries by adding product lifecycle management (PLM) (ultimately helping users integrating research and development [R&D] activities within their systems) and manufacturing execution system functionality. And yet, while these added functionality groups certainly add more value to your ERP system, the single most notable Read More
Deltek Conference Previews

filling prescription  a big hit—we are filling a real need in the marketplace, and there is a ton of sales activity around our project manufacturing suite among aerospace and defense (A&D) companies. PJ : Deltek First and GovCon Essentials —what is the difference between the two, and what is their lineage, i.e., is there any relation to GCS Premier ? What functions do you put in those essentials products PS : Deltek First is our umbrella product family for small and midsize businesses. To meet the needs of smaller compan Read More
Processing Complex Events (During These, oh well, Complex Times) - Part II
Part I of this blog series introduced the concept of complex event processing (CEP) and possible needs for CEP software applications. One such broad CEP

filling prescription  environment is to detect bottle-filling trending low or high in a large high-speed bottling plant . By defining threshold and time window limits, the system provides alarms and dashboard visibility on the fly, as well as comparisons over any period in history. Data input can be sensor outputs, control instructions, transactions and so forth, while connection taps can be made into programmable logic controller (PLC ) and control system data streams, as necessary. Progress has been working with several Read More
CRM Application Users Are Key to Project Success
For a customer relationship management implementation to be successful, consulting firms, vendors, and users must pay attention to user training and change

filling prescription  process mismatched data, omit filling the proper data sheet in the proper section within the application, and disregard important issues due to the complexity of the CRM system's processing. As a result, companies get garbage in/garbage out. Do not forget what CRM is all about All contacts with a customer allow the system or the representative to collect data; the data is analyzed to provide business intelligence; through that intelligence, marketing teams can plan the sort of relationship customers exp Read More
Baan And SSA GT Merge To Form A Mid-Market Empire With An ''Iron Side'' Part Three: Market Impact On SSA GT
Like the previous few SSA GT's acquisitions, this merger too seems aimed at enlarging combined Baan and SSA GT's customer base, market share, and, more

filling prescription  native applications, with Baan filling much-needed CRM, PLM and possibly some SCM gaps in SSA GT's portfolio, and vice versa, SSA GT's MasterPiece/Net should cater for human resources (HR) and corporate financials, which have long been the gaps or weaker spots in Baan's natively provided functionality. Also, Warehouse BOSS might be a great cross-selling opportunity to existing Baan customers. Mid-market incumbent status, with iBaan being more suitable for the upper-end of the market, while SSA GT's Read More
Microsoft Keeps on Rounding up Its Business Solutions Part One: Event Summary
While the recent initiatives by Microsoft Business Solutions to piecemeal bolster its product lines' SCM capabilities should benefit users, a lot more cohesive

filling prescription  common tasks, such as filling out and approving timecards, submitting requests for time off, reviewing paycheck and benefit information, and more easily changing their employee profile information. The HRM (Human Resource Management) Self Service Suite consists of five modules: Employee Profile , Employee Pay , Time and Attendance , Recruitment , and Skills and Training , and it works with MBS Great Plains US payroll and human resource applications. The new KPI module offers executives and other Read More
Cooling Strategies for Ultra-high Density Racks and Blade Servers
The average power consumed by an enclosure in a data center is about 1.7 kilowatts (kWs), but the maximum power that can be obtained by filling a rack with

filling prescription  can be obtained by filling a rack with available high density servers, such as blade servers, is over 20 kW. Find out about the power density values of current and new data centers, and learn practical approaches to creating strategies for deploying high-density computing, with limitations and benefits. Read More
Two Origins, One Destination? A Look at the Two Main Genres of PLM Solution from the Integration Standpoint
There are two major genres of PLM solution: CAD-PLM and ERP-PLM. These two types have different integration capabilities, but the gap between them is shrinking

filling prescription  was the choice for filling in the gap. In fact, the PLM approach actually fills in two gaps. The first is between PLM tools and cPDm. This gap is mainly handled by CAD integration. The second is the one between cPDm and ERP, which is usually handled by enterprise/ERP integration. Would it be better to connect product definition data directly with an ERP system? No—not very likely. First of all, ERP is good at handling transactional data, but not necessarily good at handling the richness of product Read More
Has The BI Market Consolidation Been Crystal-Clearly Actuated? Part Three: Competition and User Recommendations.
Users choosing point planning or BI products should consider the integration infrastructure and effort needed to combine these products versus the cost and

filling prescription  of Lawson and Geac filling their gaps through acquisitions. Especially the remaining tier-two BI vendors (e.g., Informatica , MicroStrategy , Information Builders , Silvon Software , etc.) could find themselves in a very shaky position of either being acquired or joining forces with a complementary functional or platform technology vendor ( IBM , Oracle , Microsoft, Computer Associates , Sybase , Progress , etc.) via alliance or acquisition. A good example thereof would be recent acquisition of Sagent by Read More

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