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Business Intelligence Best Practices: Simplify the Reporting Landscape
Best practices for reporting have often been overlooked. Most of the time we focus on eye candy@such as dashboards@and overlook report generation and report

eye physicians billings mt  time we focus on eye candy—such as dashboards—and overlook report generation and report production, which are crucial concepts at the heart of business intelligence (BI). Learn more about the current reporting situation, and learn about ways to use reporting tools to improve the reporting processes in your company and make them more efficient. Read More
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for the Health Care Industry
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) assists physicians and other clinicians document patient care for current visits and provides access to patient clinical history. Sometimes may be referred to as co...
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Documents related to » eye physicians billings mt

Intel Tries to Give it Away - AMD Says
Intel Corp. has disclosed a problem involving its 820 and 840 chip sets that has spurred the company to scrap plans for three motherboards it had on its server

eye physicians billings mt  is a short-term black eye for Intel, but in the longer term it will weather the impact from this problem. If Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) had a server offering, Intel would pay a significantly higher price, both in terms of the hit to its reputation and the advantage AMD would gain. Since Intel is the only game in town for the x86-architecture servers, AMD will not gain anything other than a PR bullet for taking potshots at Intel. (More on this below.) Market growth will be dampened for the next few month Read More
PeopleSoft's CEO Steps Down
On September 21, PeopleSoft founder David Duffield stepped down as chief executive of the struggling business software maker. The 12-year-old company announced

eye physicians billings mt  should keep a close eye on PeopleSoft's future product development and support strategies, particularly how top management will address the gaping holes in its latest product suite, including the lack of a customer relationship management (CRM) product and poor market acceptance of its manufacturing software. Read More
ACCPAC -- Being Much More Than Meets The Eye Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations
One has to see how ACCPAC’s moves to nurture the relationship and the morale of its VARs and to make them more successful (profitable), will play against MBS

eye physicians billings mt  More Than Meets The Eye Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations Event Summary Seemingly unfazed by (although certainly aware of) a tough economic environment and/or by its heavyweight competitors' recent initiatives, ACCPAC International ( www.accpac.com ), an independent subsidiary of Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA) that has been offering accounting and a broader range of other enterprise business solutions for small and mid-size businesses, continues to expand its products Read More
What Size Is Your Business, Really?
I deal with many software professionals, technology business users, consultants, and analysts, and it is interesting to observe that everyone uses the same

eye physicians billings mt  complex than meets the eye, and varies in further dimensions that I have not covered here. When selecting software for your business, the actual and potential size of your business is a fundamental factor. Keep in mind, though, that real-world situations may not fit standard classifications and might require unconventional decisions and sometimes unexpected cross-class solutions. Read More
J.D. Edwards' QUEST To End Its String Of Pyrrhic Victories Part 2: The Implications
During this year's FOCUS conference for its QUEST User Group, J.D. Edwards demonstrated somewhat more galvanized strategy than the one it initiated and less

eye physicians billings mt  will have a close eye on new license sales. Not many will feel comfortable to strike a long-term partnership with a vendor that has a new product set but declining sales growth. The time allowance may be running out for J.D. Edwards to turn around its business given the competition flying from all directions. About this Article : This note is a two-part note, the first part discussed the news from the J.D. Edwards conference. This part discusses the Market Impact of this news and how it affects Users. Read More
An ASP With Healthy Vitals
Healtheon/WebMD to Invest up to $100 million in InfoCure's VitalWorks.com Subsidiary.

eye physicians billings mt  ASP With Healthy Vitals Event Summary InfoCure Corporation (Nasdaq:INCX) announced that Healtheon/WebMD (Nasdaq:HLTH) has agreed to invest up to $100 million in InfoCure's newly formed subsidiary VitalWorks.com. Healtheon/WebMD will immediately purchase $10 million in cash convertible preferred stock with an additional $90 million ($40 million in cash and $50 million of Healtheon/WebMD common stock) invested at the completion of VitalWorks.com's impending IPO. The investment is still subject to Read More
Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Much More Than Meets the Eye - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series discussed the current upbeat state of affairs of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as one of the three best-performing products within the

eye physicians billings mt  More Than Meets the Eye - Part 2 Part 1 of this blog series  discussed the current upbeat state of affairs of  Microsoft Dynamics CRM , as one of the three best-performing products within the entire Microsoft Corporation of late. In a nutshell, during 2009 the product grew significantly and surpassed its one millionth user. Microsoft’s  customer relationship management (CRM)  offering has become attractive to companies of all sizes, in part because it offers multiple deployment options (with Read More
SSA GT Beefs Up BPCS V8 Through Partnerships' Spree Part 2: Market Impact
SSA GT has mostly achieved its most imminent and important goal of enticing existing BPCS customer base to stay on their maintenance contracts. Vendors vying to

eye physicians billings mt  market keeping a close eye on its execution.. User Recommendations The above SSA GT's moves should be welcomed by existing BPCS customers that have been yearning to rejuvenate their almost outdated technologies in place. Less technologically aggressive global companies and/or their divisions with an inclination towards lean manufacturing philosophies may be better off by staying with BPCS for the time being. Nevertheless, keep a close eye on the company's moves and develop contingent plans for moving to Read More
Planning and Forecasting: Use Continuous Planning and Rolling Forecasts to Support Adaptive Management
Change may be the only constant in business. But why do so many companies lock themselves into a rigid system of annual plans, budgets, and targets that make

eye physicians billings mt  planning forecasting,forecast pro software,business forecasting demand,demand forecasting,planning and forecasting fundamentals,optimization inventory planning,demand forecasting inventory,forecasting benchmarking Read More
Sendmail Takes Security to the Next Level with Version 3.0 for NT
Sendmail 3.0 includes the Sendmail Message Transfer Agent, a Mailing List Server, a POP3 Server and a Message Store.

eye physicians billings mt  executives with a close eye on the bottom line. The majority of established ISPs are heavily based in UNIX systems and most already have UNIX Sendmail implementations. The 3.0 release is geared for Windows NT Server, which is starting to be implemented by some of the newer ISPs on the Internet today. The product is not specifically geared to the upcoming Windows 2000 Active Directory Service, but will function in the same fashion as it would under the NT Server 4.0 platform. The release of the product is Read More
Audit Your Message Strategy by Answering Three Questions
Most companies create a new marketing plan every 12 months. At the same time, they should audit their message strategy to stay on top of competitors’ marketing

eye physicians billings mt  web sites, with an eye to deducing the positioning behind their messages. You'll probably find that a lot of the marketing communications put out by your competitors aren't backed by a real position. Often, these messages are just a brain dump (a lot of factual information) of product features. They lack the heart and soul of good positioning—a meaningful benefit statement, a reason the audience should care about their product. A positioning statement frequently appears in the first or last paragraph Read More
EXE Technologies Begins Life In The Public Eye
Undaunted by its negative bottom line, EXE resurrected plans for an IPO this year, proceeds of which will be used to fuel its newfound growth.

eye physicians billings mt  Life In The Public Eye EXE Technologies Begins Life In The Public Eye S. McVey - August 7, 2000 Vendor Genesis A supply chain execution vendor specializing in warehouse management and Internet fulfillment, EXE Technologies emerged from the merger of Neptune Systems, Inc. and Dallas Systems, Inc. in mid 1997. Dallas Systems had built its WMS around the needs of retail and wholesale distribution companies while Neptune brought expertise in third party logistics (3PL) to the combination. Dallas Systems' Read More
frontpath Announces Mobile Internet Appliance
Continuing the onslaught of 'Internet appliances', S3 subsidiary frontpath announced its first product, called ProGear. Unlike most current appliances, this

eye physicians billings mt  Announces Mobile Internet Appliance frontpath Announces Mobile Internet Appliance R. Krause - October 11, 2000 Event Summary [Source: frontpath press release] September 27th, 2000 -- Fontpath, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of S3 Incorporated, today announced ProGear. ProGear is frontpath's Information Appliance targeted to the vertical market segments. ProGear couples hardware and software to deliver one of the first ever wireless, truly portable, untethered, broadband-based products capable of Read More
Security Innovation
Security Innovation has been identifying application security risks for top software vendors and US government agencies since its inception. The company

eye physicians billings mt  best internet security,best internet security suite,best security suite,internet security comparison,internet security reviews,resume security,rfp security,sap security,security,security core,security firewall,security suite review,security suite reviews,security system,security systems Read More
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