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Improving Human Performance by Identifying the Gaps
Mariano Bernárdez, expert in performance improvement, was interviewed in Buenos Aires (Argentina) by Learning Review's Verónica Inoue. Inoue asked Bernardez about his new book, Tecnología del Desempeño Humano (Human Performance Technology), and how this issue affects the Latin-American market.

CPT: Interviewee Mariano Bernárdez, PhD, CPT, is an internationally renowned expert in mega planning. He is the principal of the International Institute for Social and Organizational Performance Improvement. Bernárdez has dedicated his professional life to the development of new organizations in emerging markets. He is currently in charge of creating fourteen new organizations in emerging markets that aim to export to the United States, Europe, Japan, China, and Korea. He is president of the Global Network

How Do You Categorize Notebooks?
The notebook computer market has become one of the remaining battlegrounds for computer manufacturers. Our purpose here is to define the notebook market segments, describe what the general characteristics of each segment are, and to give users an idea of what features they can expect for each segment.

CPT: Prosignia series, Dell Latitude CPT, HP Pavilion N3190, IBM ThinkPad i series, Toshiba Satellite Pro series Low-end Machines, a/k/a Value-priced a/k/a Budget Target User : Home users; non-power users; users without cash to burn Pricing : $1000 - $2000+ Typical Uses : Basic applications, incl. word processing, reading e-mail Key Features : Small-to-medium-sized display; limited expandability; lower performance Additional Comments : As other technologies improve, there will be downward migration of

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